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Try our free trial models and learn to program it with Alibre/CAM tutorial.
Home of the largest collection of derby CAD models on the net.
Video tutorials to learn CNC machining tips & tricks.
Lear how to setup a hobby CNC router with LinuxCNC in our introduction tutorials.
Watch our programming 101 series using Fusion 360 a free CAD/CAM software. Discover the joy of manufacturing on your CNC machine. Purchase a CAD model or try our free trail model to follow along.
Learn tips & tricks on finishing and manufacturing through the rest of our tutorial videos.
Custom Wheel Tutorial
DIY Decals Tutorial
Pipe Cutting Tutorial
Learn to create your own custom cast wheels. These techniques can be applied to the production of other plastic parts.
One of the best ways to create a custom look is though decals. But what if you can’t find any that fit your design? With a printer you can make your own.
The pipe cutting tutorial show a great way to make complex parts easy. Use these techniques to create our LARGE mouse trap car.
Lightening A Car By Shelling
Alibre/CAM           Free Trial Model
Artistic models many times are larger then the normal size wood block so you must make them hollow to fit weight limits and place weights where you want in your car. This is where the process of shelling comes in.
Here I will use another great CAD/CAM program to machine our indycar model. This is one of my favorite CAD systems to use. The very end of the tutorial I show the car being machined.
Do you have a request for a design? Would you like to request a tutorial? Let us know though our contacts page.
Do You Want More?
Contact Fun Machining Videos Want to see the whole process? Here are some of our cars being built.
Turned Wheels
Awana Ultralight
New Turned Wheels