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Lathed Wheels

Check Back Often For Lathed Wheels

If you are looking for lathed wheels you’ve come to the right place. We are turning small batches of wheels starting with Awana Grand Prix wheels. We are also planing on turning BSA wheels but our tooling isn’t ready yet for production so check back often and we will update our facebook page when they are ready.     
Our Awana Ultralight wheels are a cut above the rest. We have taken the stock wheel at 2.3g and turned these inside and out on all contact surfaces to 1.3 - 1.35g.  The front and back of the hub has a relief cut for less contact with the car body and the axle head reducing friction. The inside of the wheel has been removed and the outer tread lightly turned and polished. We don’t touch the internal bore leaving it up to the racer to polish and prepare the wheel for either graphite or oil racing. If you’re in a rush, a %90 prepared wheel set is a real time saver. Limited quantities make sure to check our facebook page for updates.

Awana Ultralight

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BSA Wheels

 We are working hard to offer BSA wheels as well, our tooling process isn’t done yet but we will update our facebook page as we are ready.
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Awana Ultralight: $17.95