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Programming 101

Programming 101  Videos 1-3    

Videos: 4-6, 7-10

Tutorial #1   Start your programming!

Video Tutorial #1 Covers:  Downloading and unpacking your car.  Opening your car file with Fusion 360 CAD/CAM  Sectioning your car for manufacture on smaller machines like the 3040 CNC. If you have a larger machine that will allow you to rotate your parts some steps may be skipped here. 

Tutorial #2 Programming the main body.

Video #2 covers opening the left side of our sectioned car from tutorial #1. It starts with orienting the model to a machine view and then setting the X,Y,Z zero for machining the first side.
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Tutorial #3 Programming the back of the car.

This video continues with programming the back of the car.  As the tutorials progress we will cover fewer repetitive steps.
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