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Programming 101

Programming 101  Videos: 7-10

Videos: 1-3 , 4-6

Tutorial #7 Programming roll bar on our car.

This video shows a unique way of direct cutting complex parts. We'll be cutting the roll bar for the car and then show some tips and tricks at the end.

Tutorial #8  Programming the front of the car.

This is a brief video on cutting the front of the car.

Tutorial #9 Cutting the back of the car.

This video covers multiple setups using a tab method for machining the back of the car. This form of indexing the part is useful when other options simply won’t work.
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Tutorial #10 Cavity cut windshield.

In this video we use a cavity cut method coupled with a direct cut method for machining the windshield. This is by far the easiest part to cut.
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