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If you already have a good handle on CNC machining and have your own hobby mill or router and just need some cool models to start cutting, then head over to our models page. If  you have no experience with CAD/CAM or CNC machining then this is the place to start. We’ll help you get started with the fun of manufacturing at home. Before you know it, you’ll be making designs and projects of your own.


This video covers the software and hardware you will need to setup a CNC machine for manufacturing your own cars. It covers buying cheap computers on ebay and installing LinuxCNC, the control software that runs your machine.


The home manufacturing revolution has been steadily growing over the past decade for home inventors and hobbyists. Every year there seems to be  more software, CNC controls, and supporting hardware. Many of these are free or at such a low price people from all over the world are building their own custom machines to make goods to sell.      We are here to help facilitate that growth by encouraging kids to learn modern manufacturing though pinewood racing.

LinuxCNC Step Configuration Setup

Once your 3040 mill is assembled and your hardware is hooked up to the PC you’ll be ready to setup the LinuxCNC control for your machine. This PDF file includes the settings necessary for setup.     >> LinuxCNC Setup  <<

LinuxCNC Control GUI

This video covers the LinuxCNC GUI and how to do basic setups for your first parts. Now you’re on your way to being a PRO operator.
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